Health Care Assistant
It gives you the skills to care for disabled individuals living in long-termcare facilities or private homes. To help clients meet their needs in all dimensions of health in their home or in a facility, the program prepares you to help with assessments, communication, and activities of daily living (such as nutrition and personal hygiene).

Medical Laboratory Technology Science
The Medical Laboratory Science Technology Program prepares students to work as Medical Laboratory Technologists. As a Medical Laboratory Technologist you will be part of the team of heath care professionals providing quality patient care. You will perform a variety of specialized tests using high-tech instrumentation that assists physicians in diagnoses, treatment and prevention of disease in patients. You will collect and prepare assorted samples for analysis; perform the requested testing procedures; and interpret the testing results.

Medical Radiography
Medical radiography is a broad term that covers several types of studies that require the visualization of the internal parts of the body using x-ray techniques. Medical Radiography, otherwise known as X-ray Technology, involves using sophisticated imaging equipment to photograph parts of the human body. Using a combination of art and science, Medical Radiography technologists help solve mysteries. Medical imaging technology has revolutionized health care over the past 30 years, allowing doctors to find disease earlier and improve patient outcomes.

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